Friday, July 11, 2008

2 weeks later

All is good in Lauderdale County. On Sunday it was nice seeing a familiar face at Church. Jeremy and Sha Jackson (originally from the area) were at Church with her dad. We have found a church we enjoy and a Sunday school class. The service is more traditional than Comtempory.

John is enjoying his work. He is not to busy at this time but I am sure it will not be long before he will be very busy.

We have had a few lunch dates with Jennifer Jones. John David has a 7 yr old girl (Anna Catherine) that lives beside us and they play every afternoon.

Well nothing new at this time. Hopefully next week I can catch up with everything.


Binksters said...

Soo glad that you are doing well! I have been thinking of you! Drove by your house yesterday and saw the new owners! Just not the same. That corner use to be so full of life and it will never be the same now that you and Audra are gone! Miss you bunches!


Renee Guest said...

Hey - i just found your blog through Amber's new blog!
I hate that you have moved!!
i got your email and emailed you back! Just let me know what you need.