Sunday, June 29, 2008

Last two days before the move

We have moved already but I have been with out a computer for one week. We finally have internet service after going through 3 different numbers from AT&T. Anyway just a recap of the last few days. During the last week in Brandon we had several lunches and dinners planned.
We visited with Johanna and her two boys. Johanna has two boys, Miles and Adian. My boys and hers are the same age. We meet Johanna and her boys at St. Marks. Johanna was John David's teacher. She has been a great friend have. She has been someone that can relate to boy stories. We have told some stories.

Sonya took me to lunch at Newks on wednesday, 18th. Sonya and I were united by our sons. About a 12 months ago, John David talked about a friend from the gym named Jacob. Jacob was the cutest boy. I actually saw Sonya at Wal-Mart one day and we exchanged numbers. The boys play so good together. Sonya has become a good friend during the past year. Anyway we had a lunch just us girls and had a great time. It was sad but I know I will be seeing her soon because she has family near Collinsville and the boys will be missing each other. John David has already asked when is Jacob coming to see him.

That evening of the 18th of June we visited with our neighbors the Hopkins'. Great time, Good fellowship and Food!!!

On June 19th, we had a farewell dinner at the Country Club recognizing all who were finishing at UMC. JOhn's parents came we had a great time. The boys stayed with Matt and Mandi for one last time. I knew that when we picked the boys up that a few tears would be shed. Yes a few tears were shed, but we but kept good composer because we both know that we are only a short distance away. Mandi and I did get to run together one last time.

On June 20th, I knew the time was coming to say bye to a neighbor that has been our family away from family. The LaFosse's have been friends, grandparents and parents to my family. Nancy and Bill, aka Nana and Pa, will be missed. They lived across the road. My boys have been crossing that road everyday to see them and get a snack and coke. She always had what I needed, if I didn't when I was cooking. Good neighbors are hard to find.
And Finally, I had lunch with the Calvert's at Keifers. Of course my lunch was on the house from Keifers. I had a great visit with Matt and Mandi. The Calvert's have been great friends of ours since the birth of Holt. Mandi and I spent a lot of time togther running while training for Memphis. We got to know each other very well. I really can't say how thankful I am for this family. They spent many hours helping us out with our kids, taking pictures at all the races and bringing my kids to races and just being friends. I can tell you, I was so excited for them when they found out they were expecting. They both are natural parents. We have been through a lot in the past 3 years. Lots of neighborhood evening chats. I will miss them and watching Anna Lauren grow up. Hopefully she will know who is the Vossanater. Thanks to all who have been a part of my life in Brandon!

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Sha said...

It was so good seeing y'all in Collinsville today. I pray that you find wonderful friends there, and I will try to see y'all when I am in town at times. I know y'all will do great in Meridian!