Thursday, July 24, 2008


Several weeks have past and we are getting settled in and enjoying the country life. During this short period of time, we have watched deer come in and out of our backyard. Those of you who know my husband can imagine what he is thinking. Well he has said he will not hunt in our backyard. The kids enjoy fishing and swimming. I asked John David one day what are we going to do without a YMCA? He said we do not need a pool, we have the lake. I have to say, because of the pool hours here for lap swim are crazy, I have swam 1 time in the lake and plan to swim more.
July 11-12
The weekend of the Sunfish Tri we were so excited because we had company coming, Matt and Mandi Calvert and Slade, Julie and Aiden Fancher. We all had such a good time visiting and completing the triathlon. Everyone finished and did very good. Pictures can be seen on the Calverts blog.
On Sunday we got together with my family for the birthdays in the months of May-August. It was nice being with them for the day. we all do not see each other enough, but we all do talk on a regular basis.

Coming up this weekend will be the Heart o'Dixie tri, July 26. It one of the hottest races of the year. My family will be in Purvis for the weekend and I am going to the Fanchers for the night.


The Johnson's said...

Good Luck tomorrow! Wayne will be there. I'll try to get a shot of you! Amy Johnson

The Cross Family said...

saw you picture in the paper. way to go!!