Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Wow, things have flown by. I can hardly believe that school is almost out and I am 10 weeks from having another little boy. I am thinking my last post was somewhere close to spring break time. When the kids were gone to Purvis for several days, John and I spent some quality time together and we went turkey hunting. On the second morning, we both killed one. I haven't been again. I figured one was enough for me. Although, John has spent many hours in the woods and killed several turkeys. I really wanted little John David to kill one but this was not his year. Here is a picture of the kill the morning of March 17, 2010.

March 23, 2010 After spring break, it was back to school and the regular routine. The following weekend was the spring campout with the boy scouts. We decided that this would be a good family trip. John did tell me that I did not have to go but I insisted on going and being with my family. All I need to say is being pregnant and camping in a tent on a slowly deflating air mattress does not mix.
Yes I was pretty miserable. I remember waking up and almost driving home at 2 am. Once the night over and the sun was up things seemed to be getting better. We finally made it home by noon and we all were exhausted.
Easter was coming upon us and I had to get ready for the easter bunny. The weekend before Easter, John and I decided to go ahead and give the boys a little present. The only catch was they had to find it in the woods with a GPS. It was a lot of fun. John had marked points with his GPS and the boys had to follow the coordinates to the present. Here are a few pictures of them looking for the present.

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