Thursday, January 28, 2010

Christmas pictures 2009

I know some of these pictures are not in order but this was Christmas morning. The new 4-wheeler.
Holt got lots of toys.

Cookies we all decorated on Christmas Eve for Santa Clause.

On Christmas Eve, the boys and John got to open one gift. They all got a pair of ear protectors for shooting. The boys also got a pair of glasses with theirs.

Santa Clause brought John David a 4 wheeler for Christmas and he was beside himself. When he crawled out of bed and ran in the livingroom and went crazy. He jump on the 4-wheeler and was ready to go outside and try it out. It was freezing on Christmas morning, but he did not care. He and his daddy went riding. Needless to say after an hour of riding, his hands and face were freezing. After having the 4-wheeler for a month, i can say it is not this clean anymore.

Christmas in Purvis was very exciting for the boys. John David got his own cowbay hat, a real roping rope and a plastic steer. One good thing, he has not tried to rope his brother or the dogs.

Holt also got a cowboy hat and accessories but the one thing he liked the most was the remote control traco. He tries to pick up and dump everything he can find on the floor.

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